Fixing those niggly problems that you may be having trouble working out is a specialty of mine. Whether it is how to install a new font or get the printer back online – I can help.

As a web developer it is very important to me that my client’s computers are optimised and running in tip top shape. I am often asked by clients if they should upgrade their laptop because it is running slow. Usually this is a result of a poorly maintained operating system or slow hard drive. There are a range of ‘under the hood’ techniques that can clean your system to get it back to the speed it had when first purchased.

There is one single thing that can speed up an old computer better than anything else, and that is upgrading to an SSD (Solid State Device) hard drive. I can help by recommending the best drive for you to purchase, and then install it into your computer and migrate your data onto the new drive. Whether your computer is an Apple Mac or Windows PC you will be amazed at the speed increase with a new SSD hard drive. For a cost of around $250 (installed) it is a much cheaper alternative to splashing out on a new computer.